From the series: Life on Dog Hill

Ahh, even though it’s not yet spring, I couldn’t feel happier as I gaze longingly out of the windows making a mental list of garden to-dos.

  • Put down weed pre-emergent
  • Mark shrubs for transplant
  • Prune Japanese Maple and Crepe Myrtle
  • Separate daffodil and day lilly bulbs
  • Create new bed on the lower side of the house for roses


But if mental list-making isn’t enough to distract me from my real to-dos, I’ve found myself glued to the computer listening to frog sounds as I try to identify one of the newest residents on Dog Hill.

Since adding a water feature to our landscape, we’ve noticed a definite increase in our amphibian community. For the last several weeks, we have one frog in particular who is seriously looking to mate! While researching frogs in an effort to identify our new little friend, I’ve learned a lot about frogs. Okay, okay, I’m sure I learned this stuff in fifth grade right before the required dissection. Eewwwwww! I confess, I still carry a guilty conscious…

Time after time, I’ve tried to sneak up on the little froggie to identify him but he is very shy. Here’s a video I took yesterday… all you will see is water but you’ll hear him sing — well, at least until he realizes I’m there!

Without ever seeing the horny toad that’s been singing for weeks on end I had to go by his song to find out what he was. Well, maybe he’s not a toad but he’s definitely… uh-hum, you get the picture.

That’s when I found LEAPS, the website of an environmental consulting service in Tennesee. What a fun site! I had no idea that frogs could sound like birds and sheep!

Check these froggies out!

There’s the Bird-voiced Tree Frog

What about the Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad — it really does sound like a bleating sheep!

And, because this is Dog Hill, how about this Barking Tree Frog!

So who is our newest resident froggie-a-courtin? I’m confident that what we have is a very shy Upland Chorus Frog. He may be a little guy, but I can hear him swooning inside the farthest corner of the house!

Whadya say? Think this little guy is ready for Spring?

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