Do you fall into the bed at night so exhausted that you can’t remember your head hitting the pillow? Or, maybe you have the opposite problem and can’t fall asleep after a long, hard day because you can’t stop worrying about all the things you DIDN’T get done…

Women are natural nurturers. And, what happens to nurturers? They become so involved in taking care of everyone else that they don’t make enough time for themselves! Sound familiar?

How about this scenario: You get a call from the middle school that your daughter just got whacked in the face with the volleyball and now she has a wobbly tooth. You know she needs to go to the dentist but you have an important meeting that you need to prepare for. You call your significant other at work but he can’t help out because he’s got a meeting with his boss in ten minutes. What do you do? If you’re like most women, you suck it up and leave the worries of your important meeting for later and take care of your daughter. And, while you’re on your way to pick her up you wonder why your spouse ALWAYS has a meeting with his boss when something like this comes up. This brings up feelings of resentment and anger – not a good place to be!

Here’s another scenario: You have a staff of seven employees and you care about the health and welfare of each of them. Unfortunately, one of them violates an ethics policy and you have to fire her. But, she’s a single mom with three kids at home and you wonder how you could put someone like that out of a job. The stress and anxiety is eating you up but you know you have no choice. When you give your employee the bad news she becomes hysterical and you have to call security to have her escorted out of the building. Now  your other employees are giving you the cold shoulder because they think you are an unreasonable B _ _ _ _. When you go to bed that night you can’t go to sleep because you are filled with an overwhelming sense of guilt and frustration.

Women, let’s face it – we want everyone to be happy and we want life to go smoothly. And when it doesn’t, we make it our personal responsibility to manage it hoping to make it all better.

So, when do you make time for YOU? How do you learn to let go of the emotions other people feel? When do you say, “Stop it. I’m going to love myself for the next few hours!”

Well, if you’re like most women I know, you probably don’t do it at all. And if you do, you probably don’t do it enough!

I want to share with you four reasons why it’s so hard for women to make time to love themselves. Moreover, I want to show you how to shift your mindset to overcome these barriers and teach you how easy it can be to “let go.”

In this F – R – E – E sixty-minute teleconference I’ll take you through the top four reasons why women struggle every day to love themselves. And I bet all four will resonate with 99.9 percent of you! That’s because this way of thinking is embedded into our daily life; but, that doesn’t mean this way of thinking can’t be shifted because it CAN!

I can help you understand why loving yourself first is critical to enabling you to better serve those around you. You want to be a better boss? Love and nurture yourself first. You want to be a better partner? Love and nurture yourself first. Want to be a better mom with the patience of Job? Love and nurture yourself first.

When you take the time to love yourself, you begin to experience a deep, personal growth, your energy and enthusiasm increase and your relationships at home and at work improve. When you open yourself up to self-love, you come to see yourself in a new light — one of appreciation, respect and awe. You will have a greater love for your body, mind and spirit connection.

Here’s a testimonial from a client who completed my self-love course:

“Sheila guided me through the necessary exercises and steps to help me understand aspects of myself that had been deeply buried and unattended.  Sheila helped unlock the Goddess within and help me complete the understanding of how valuable I am as a person to myself, those around me, to my special someone in my life and to the Universe at large. The results were amazing and I am very happy with the outcome.” Edith R., Miami

I can help each one of you discover your inner goddess as well and how important it is to care deeply for yourself first so you can better care for those around you.

It’s all in my upcoming free teleconference on Tuesday, August 2 at 7:00 and all you need to do is register to receive the dial in information. No fees for this eye-opening teleconference – except whatever long distance charges apply according to your phone plan. Just like calling Aunt Sarah in Toledo…

Why don’t you go ahead and register now while you’re here on the page. I don’t want you to miss it!!

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