As a life coach, I work with lots of different people on a variety of topics. But one issue that everyone seems to struggle with (myself included) is self-love. There are lots of signs that indicate lack of love and respect for oneself such as looking for validation from your boss, giving away your time and energy without ever receiving anything in return and negative self-talk.

While most people want to please others, it can become a losing battle when you allow your perceptions of “what others think” to shape who you are, what you do and how you behave. You’ll feel more authentic if you search for the spark of your own divine and learn to better love yourself.

In this podcast, you will learn why it’s important to know what kind of life you want to live and to commit to living authentically. You’ll also learn some of the symptoms of not loving yourself and how to love yourself more.

Go ahead! Take eight minutes to honor yourself by listening to this free podcast.

Total time: 8:50

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