Sheila CallahamI’m celebrating the release of my latest book, “Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy.” Published by Linda Joy of Inspired Living Publishing, 38 women (including me!) share soul-inspiring stories of personal transformation. Cultivating Joy also includes Reflection Questions after each story to help you consider and integrate important takeaways from each story into your life. For a limited time, you can get over 50 transformational gifts with your copy of Cultivating Joy. Grab your copy today:

Note!! The day Cultivating Joy launched, it became:

        • #1 book on Amazon’s Mover and Shakers List
        • #5 spot on the Happiness Bestseller list
        • #18 on the Personal Transformation/Self-Help Besteller List
        • #67 on the Self-Help Bestseller List (of All Self-Help Books)
        • #56 on the Religion/Spirituality Bestseller List

THAT is inspirational!

Sometimes when I look at my office white board and see all of my commitments, I shake my head wondering how it will all get done. Then I remind myself that it always gets done, and I practice what I preach as a life coach. Focus on the goal, not the gap between where you are and where you want to be. This vision is how I live a joy-filled life, even when things around me are, well, going nuts.

Like the time I was on one phone and a series of texts began coming in from one of my sons on my cell. As I reached for the phone, I knocked my cereal bowl off my desk, and it shattered into a milky mess on the floor. At the same time the UPS man began ringing the doorbell, creating a deafening frenzy of barking from our five dogs who are always on guard against squirrels, other dogs, and yes, UPS deliveries.

That’s the kind of chaos that can leave one feeling on the edge, to say the least. For me, this kind of chaos shows up when life is moving fast — too fast. Like now, for example, when I have one book launching, a speaking conference, another book moving into print, and hubby and I are looking at a potential relocation to another state!

Knowing this week would be intense, I put myself in seclusion. I’m staying at the family condo in Florida, just a couple hours drive from my conference location later this week. I’m away from home and the normal distractions of family, dogs, housework, community. This getaway makes it possible for me to focus only on the moment and get it done!

While everyone may not have the opportunity to escape as I’ve done, I do have a great tip for maintaining balance and a joyful outlook — laughter! I’ve blogged about the therapeutic benefit of laughter before, and most recently I wrote about it in my latest book (just released today) “Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy.”

In the book, I recount a story from when hubby and I first married, blending a family of six kids and then having one of our own. It was a chaotic time in our lives to be sure, but when I learned to loosen up and laugh at the craziness, it became easier. My story, “The Joy of Laughter” kicks off the second chapter of the book Joy is…A New Perspective. But my story is only one of 38 stories written by women, for women, to demonstrate that transformation into a life of joy is possible for anyone. It’s simply a matter of choice!

Themes from the book include:

Joy is … Getting Real
Joy is … A New Perspective
Joy is … Overcoming
Joy is … Motherhood
Joy is … The Circle of Life
Joy is … Finding Your Bliss
Joy is … Inner Connection
Joy is … Honoring Yourself

I love this quote from my Publisher Linda Joy, from the Introduction of Inspiration of a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy.

Joy is a part of all of us; it’s our natural state of being. But somewhere between childhood and adulthood, between innocence and experience, it gets buried under layers of expectation, fear, disillusionment, or just everyday busyness. The only way to reclaim it is to go within: to go deeper into the truth of ourselves and bring our souls back to light.

If you know a woman who could use a little inspiration in her life, this is the book for her. (Maybe that woman is YOU!) I’ve read the book and already know how deeply intimate these stories are. Here are a few excerpts from my coauthors to give you a flavor of what to expect:

When it came to finding love and joy with another person, I learned the biggest lesson of all: in order to attract the love of my life, I had to become the love of my life. Peggy Nolan

Once I became clear about the part I was playing in my own misery, I started to brainstorm about what I could do to pull myself out of the situation. …Since then, new worlds have revealed themselves. By choosing to manage my own thoughts I have chosen Joy and freedom in every area of my life. Felicia D’Haiti

Inside every woman there is a magnetic force, a fountain of power and joy just waiting for her to be brave enough to touch it. She can create anything with this power: a life she loves and deserves, full of joy, passion and purpose. Every woman has this power this wisdom, this vision. And it is medicine for the world. Zinnia Gupte

Perhaps the most glorious lesson I learned (through cancer) is that when we intentionally plant seeds of love and joy, they do grow—whether or not we know it…. As it turned out, this moment served an immensely sacred purpose in my life. It awakened me. I committed, right then and there, to find joy each and every day. Jen Flick

I truly believe that our deepest moments of grief and lead to our greatest moments of growth. As I walked through the darkness and acknowledged those old, painful emotions at a deep soul level, I didn’t let myself run, or resist the storm that was raging inside me. Rather, I embraced everything, and gave myself permission to witness these feelings, accept them and surrender them to God. Martha Tassinari

I wish she (my mom) could have seen me opening up, like a blooming lotus, to show my vulnerable heart—and seen that the blossoming is not only safe, but loving and beautiful and necessary. I wish she could have seen what real, unfettered joy looks like for her emotive, expressive, empathic daughter—because maybe, just maybe, it would have given her permission to feel that joy, too. Tiffany Kane

And here’s a little sneak peek from my own chapter…

Yes, life can be challenging. But once I laid down my Superwoman cape and began to feel the moment, the lighter side of life began to shine through, giving me plenty of opportunities to laugh joyfully!

CELEBRATE with me and find your joy! Order a copy of my book “Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy” and for a limited time you’ll receive access to 50+ bonus gifts from visionary women whose mission it is to inspire you to live more joyfully.

Cultivating Joy

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