Thumbs DownNo, I am not losing my mind. I DID post a message on my personal Facebook account for friends and family, only to have the content mysteriously disappear two hours later. What happened? Facebook did it again, and you’re not gonna like it. They decided the content I posted was too promotional.

So they deleted it.

Bottom line, Facebook decides what we see from our personal contacts. Period.

How do I know this?

Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound, told me. And Joan knows this kind of stuff. In her latest Ezine, Joan writes that “starting in January, Facebook will crack down on status updates that look like ads. Those include updates that parrot copy that appears in Facebook ads you’ve already bought.”


Facebook isn’t waiting until January; it is already happening! Here’s the post I made on my personal account (not my author page) the morning on 17 November.

Okay friends, on 24 November the “Wells Worthy” trilogy comes out on Kindle! And it’s already up for pre-order — yay!

For anyone who orders, gives an honest rating, and writes a line or two about what they most enjoyed, I’ll throw your name in the hat for a free paperback copy mailed to your front door! I’ll be giving away five copies, so a good chance you can win!

Two hours later the post was gone, and I seriously thought I was losing my mind. Not only can I credit Joan, the Publicity Hound, for her tips, tricks, and tools for free publicity, I can also thank her for saving my sanity since I read her Ezine (and Facebook’s dirty trick) just a few hours later.

It seems Facebook prefers insists that any “promotional” content only appear in your feed as official Facebook ads.

Aint happening.

Several times I’ve bought Facebook ads; each time I found it to be a waste of money. There was no return on investment for me.

Of course, being the savvy publicity hound that Joan is, she provided a recommendation for getting around the new restriction. Just reference what you want your friends to know and direct them to your website where you can say whatever the #*&! you want.

Take THAT, Mark Zuckerberg.

Here’s what angers me most… Facebook controls what we see, even content shared between family and personal friends. I can see how they might restrict big brands, but HEY! this is my personal account, not even my author account!

What does this latest Facebook trick mean for me? Here are three things you can bet on:

  1. I won’t invest time into growing my Facebook author account. Fortunately I’ve got an awesome Twitter account with more than 14,000 followers. Twitter is the place to be, and you can always find me hanging out there.
  2. Next time I want to make a special offering on my personal account, I’ll carefully craft a headline sending my family and special friends to a special link on my webpage for the real scoop.
  3. My next social media expansion will be with YouTube and Pinterest.

What do you think of Facebook limiting what your family and friends can share with you?

Finally, if you don’t already know Publicity Hound Joan Stewart and haven’t had the opportunity to benefit from her promotional tricks, be sure to sign up for her Ezine. I’ve been following Joan for several years, and I always look forward to receiving her bi-weekly tips. She is an amazing resource for marketing and promotions, and I highly recommend her.

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