Sweetest Day, Sheila Callaham

Sweetest Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in October. What will you do with your sweetheart?

From the Series: Life on Dog Hill

Ohio, according to Hubby, is a very special state. It’s home to important things like football, rock and roll, and an abundance of U.S. Presidents. Throughout our marriage, I’ve been reminded of the many Ohioan firsts. There was the first ambulance service, first traffic light, first police cars, first professional baseball team, first fire department, first man to walk on the moon, first city in the world to have electricity, and the first hot dog, just to get started. Hubby even claims the Wright brothers who flew the first plane on the outer banks of North Carolina — well, at least Orville, who was born in Dayton, oHIo (written as Hubby likes to pronounce his infamous state). With Hubby being such an anthropologist of the Buckeye State, imagine my dismay to hear him claim to have no idea about “Sweetest Day.”

Considering Hubby is such a staunch oHIoan AND the fact that I’ve had to endure years of repeated tales of the Cleveland Browns (whose practice field was practically in his childhood backyard) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (no comment), I felt it only appropriate that Hubby acknowledge yet another oHIoan tradition. I was thinking about a big bouquet of flowers and some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate pairs nicely with 2009 Domaine Tempier “La Tourtine” Bandol. It’s on sale this week for $60 a pop. As his “Sweetest,” I don’t think he’ll mind.

“I’ve never even heard of Sweetest Day,” he proclaimed adamantly after my celebratory suggestion. “oHIo is known as the American Heartland and we produce real things like cars and football.”

I latched onto his “American Heartland” phrase and dug in.

“According to Cleveland expert Sandy Mitchell, Sweetest Day has been celebrated in October since its inception in 1922. Recommendations for honoring your sweetheart include going out to dinner at a special restaurant or giving a special gift,” I said, watching him wave his hand dismissively. “It makes sense to me that a state associated with being America’s Heartland would have a romantic nuance.”

“Do you know how many U.S. Presidents were born in oHIo?” he demanded of me. “More Presidents than any other state — THAT’s what I mean by America’s Heartland. oHIoans define what America is all about.”

“Actually, Virginia has birthed exactly one president more than oHIo,” I happily offered, immatating his emphasis on the state name. “I Googled it.”

Hubby frowned, disbelieving.

“You know, Virginia is for Lovers,” I added with a mischievous wink.Sweetest Day, Sheila Callaham

“When I was growing up, we never celebrated Sweetest Day,” he countered.

“That’s because your mom had eight kids running around the house and the last thing she wanted to do was sugar you all up! Still, being from oHIo, I thought you’d want to know that another one of YOUR state’s contributions to American culture is coming up in a few days.” I paused for effect, then smiled sweetly. “Don’t you want to celebrate me?”

Hello, 2009 Domaine Tempier “La Tourtine” Bandol!

Feature image: Public domain. (WW Denslow – Project Gutenberg etext 18546); wine: CC

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