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A note from the author: First I want to thank Sheila, a fellow visionary author, for hosting my blog, and thereby allowing me to bring you inspiration and wisdom from Spirit in the form of a Sacred Spirit Journey. If you’re familiar with Sheila’s spiritual work, for instance, her book, “Stories from Spirit”, I think the spirit journey I’m going to share will resonate with you. The journey was done with the specific intention to be shared here on Sheila’s blog. And now, let’s get started with the journey.

After I have prepared and as I begin the journey, I find myself sitting on a pier, with my feet dangling in the water, looking around at the peaceful landscape. I am sitting by a small river with trees on both banks.

My spirit guide pulls up in a boat, and I jump down into it. He rows occasionally, but most of the time just lets the boat flow downstream, letting it lead us to new adventures.

The peace around me brings peace within as well. Long-time stress seems to slowly fade away as I become fully present in the boat.

The thing about riding in a boat is that you can’t really get anywhere else (unless you jump into the water and swim), so it’s a good place to practice surrendering to the present moment. I’m with my spirit guide, and somehow this feels like the right place to be. We’re watching the landscape around us change as we pass by. We pass a more populated area, but simply watch life unfolding as we slowly pass by. I smile to my spirit guide and feel a deep connection to him.

The river widens and there is more movement in the water. In the distance, I see a glimpse of the sea. A feeling of excitement and anticipation arises in my chest, and finally, I get a full view of the vast open sea. It feels a bit like coming home. The space all around us gives a feeling of freedom.

My spirit guide and I jump into the water, swim around and dive down, investigating the life underneath the surface. Small fish check us out. A turtle swims by, greets us, and then continues on its path.

My spirit guide says:

We are all on our soul’s path, and sometimes you take action and actively move in the direction your heart is guiding you (like turtle), but sometimes going with the flow is the way. Like us in the boat, reaching the stillness within, and watching life go by, and as a watcher, not identifying with what’s going on, but at the same time in that stillness, experiencing a connection to all — finding a clarity and connection to your true self you didn’t have when you were stressing and trying to ‘get things done’. In the stillness, you find clarity without doing and peace without moving. It is in the stillness you find your way home.


He stops talking and I look around. We’re still in the water, now far out at sea. I see a pod of dolphins arriving. One of them approaches us and greets us, offering us a ride back to land. We thankfully accept and get up on the dolphin’s back and join the other dolphins. The dolphins move effortlessly through the water and the air. It almost feels like flying. They have so much joy, life, and power, and as the dolphins drop us off on land, I feel powerful and joyful as well.

We wave to the dolphins and go inland, up a tall staircase leading up the side of a cliff. As we reach the top, we turn around and see the sun setting out over the water.

A beautiful day has ended. I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring…

I hope this spirit journey has inspired you. It is but one of the many ways Sacred Spirit Journeys can support, guide, heal and empower you on your path through life.

What is your favorite way of connecting with spirit and your soul? Please share in the comments section below.

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Marianne Soucy-croppedMarianne Soucy is an author and coach at Healing Pet Loss and Give Your Dream Wings. On both websites, Sacred Spirit Journeys serve as a foundation for her work: on Healing Pet Loss with grieving pet owners, connecting them with their beloved pets in the afterlife, and on Give Your Dream Wings helping spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, intuitives, and authors manifest their dreams while staying grounded and deeply connected to self and spirit. Marianne works with people globally online, while living in Denmark with her husband and their cats. Claim your free gift at

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