Where does the time go? It’s hard to believe my six weeks adventure is almost up. The good news is that I have thousands of photos (literally) to remind me of my trip.

In this post, I’m sharing a few of my favorites.

Rooftops. I’ve no idea why they captivate me so. (Dettelbach)
I love seeing where alleyways lead. (Rothenburg)
Churches, iron gates, cobblestoned courtyards–so many pictures! (Dettelbach)
Love, love, love photographing windows! (Dettelbach)
One of my favorite parks has a lovely garden and statuary. (Rothenburg)
Another iconic German town. (Bamburg)
Notice how high the door handle is! This is one heavy church door! (Bamburg)
I took a lot of pictures this time looking up. A new curiosity for me. (Dresden)
Old-looking buildings and iron gates. Most of this East German city was destroyed in the war and has been rebuilt. I counted 16 cranes across the city skyline. (Dresden)
The best views are always from vineyards on the hills. (Dettelbach)
Nobody’s gonna be climbing this tree! (Dresden)
river transportation
The Main River stays busy with barge traffic. (Dettelbach)
Another cellphone pic from the window of our apartment. (Dresden)
Pedestrian bridge in Würzburg.
I had to snag a photo of this interesting bloom! (Würzburg)
I took this with my iPhone after my camera battery died! (Würzburg)
The local blue heron. (Dettelbach)
Met these two on an early morning walk by the river. (Dettelbach)
Freshly baked lebkuchen. I can’t wait to get home and create a gluten-free version! (Munich)
Why does my all-time favorite beer garden and all-time favorite gluten-free beer have to be here? (Prague)

Once I get home, I’m sure I’ll spend a long time going through all of the pictures and maybe even framing a few.


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