While Sarah Jessica Parker’s new movie I Don’t Know How She Does It All is written as a comedy, many women empathize with her character’s struggle to manage a successful career and family. The good news is that life doesn’t need to be that crazy and yes, women can have it all!

The trick is simple says Christine Brown-Quinn, author of Step Aside Super Woman, Career & Family is for Any Woman. You don’t do it all; you do it with a team. In her recent interview with the London Evening Standard, Christine advised readers not to be afraid to ask for help. “In my case, it wasn’t a matter of how I did it, but how we did it,” says the former banking executive. “I worked together with my husband, my children and whoever was providing childcare.”

In my podcast with Christine, she shares the inside scoop on climbing the career ladder in the finance industry while managing a busy family and how the invitation to speak to a women’s network became the impetus for her book Step Aside Super Woman. You’ll also hear why it’s important to take calculated risks when making career choices and where you can get a copy of her book.

Won’t you join us? Runtime: 14 minutes, 57 seconds.

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