Dog 2, left, and Dog 3 enjoy morning scratches

From the series: Life on Dog Hill

This morning was a delayed school opening for my kids and I looked forward to staying in my warm bed until daylight broke through the grey clouds. What was I thinking?

Did I really expect my early-rising hubby to remember the delay?

Did I forget my dogs are designed with built in clocks and routines they expect to follow?

Husband: Loudly enters bedroom with dog #1, wakes wife. Is there a delayed opening today? Why isn’t anyone up?

Me: Pulls covers over head. Don’t you remember? I told you last night there was a delayed opening.

Husband: Oh. Leaves room and closes door but neglects to take dog.

Dog 1: Walks to edge of bed and stares at human for five minutes while she pretends to sleep.

Dog 2: Scratches relentlessly at bedroom door.

Me: Aaaaagggghhhh! Can’t you guys wait a few extra minutes for your morning walk and doggie biscuits?

Dog 1: Barks and walks to bedroom door. Stares at human, wags tail.

Me: Slowly gets out of bed, pulls on socks and shoes. Opens bedroom door to see Dog 2 spin several circles of joy. Walks past excited Dog 1 and Dog 2 to open second bedroom door and retrieve Dog 3, who is waiting patiently.

Dog 3: Runs past human, down stairs and to the front door. Dogs 1 and 2 follow, barking loudly.

Me: Follows dogs, grabs jacket and scarf from bottom of stairs. Open front door and exits house with dogs.  

Nothing like a morning walk in the rain. And, hubby made the coffee….

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