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This posting continues my sharing of monthly exercises to help you connect to your inner divine.

I’m a firm believer that the biggest obstacle to spiritual realization is ourselves. We hold onto so much garbage that it is impossible for us to attain a higher level of love, light, energy and spirit.

Have you ever experienced a relationship gone sour? What do you first think of when you remember it — the positive aspects or the negative ones? Have you ever been wronged by someone? If so, does the memory of the slight still anger you? Are you carrying guilt from a mistake you made that hurt someone you love? Even childhood memories can hold you back. Feelings of insecurity, not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, popular enough.

If you hold onto any bad feelings in association with someone or something, then you should practice these exercises of release until you are free from the baggage of negativity. Once those negative energies are released, then you are ready to evolve your higher spiritual purpose.

Many people find that emotional suggestions are strongly influenced by physical processes. Here is a physical process that will help you with emotional release. Make a mourning wreath with small branches from a weeping willow tree and hang it over your bed for three nights. Imagine each night when you go to bed that all of your emotional baggage will be transferred to the wreath. Write down any dreams or night experiences that you remember. Are those dreams of struggle or release? If they are uncomfortable dreams, do not worry because you are ridding yourself of them through this process. On the third day, take the wreath and throw it into a lake or river. Imagine that all of your negative memories and feelings of guilt (conscious or subconscious) are being tossed into the water with the wreath. If you don’t have access to a lake or river, then burn the wreath in a bon fire or fireplace.

Keep track of how you feel over the next few days and weeks in your journal. Do you notice any feelings of release? Has the associated negativity to certain people or experiences dissipated? If not, work through additional exercises. If the negative feelings are still strong, consider therapy to help you release them.

It has often been said that everything we need lies within and I am a big believer in this wise adage. Here is an exercise of release that relies on that belief as its foundation. Sit in quiet reflection and turn inward. Ask your wiser self what negative feelings are holding you back. Ask yourself why you are holding onto these feelings. If you have several instances of negative association, write them down and work through each one separately. What would it take for you to release the negativity? Imagine there are invisible threads connecting you to the person from whom (or event from which) your negative feelings stem. Now imagine you have a golden pair of scissors that you use to cut these threads. Watch the treads fall away and allow the negative feelings to fall away as well.

Only you have the power to control how you feel and that includes holding onto feelings that don’t serve you. Exercises like the ones described above can help you take the mental steps of release.

Letting go of what doesn’t feel good makes you feel so much better. Go on, chunk the bad stuff!

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