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This posting continues my sharing of monthly exercises to help you connect to your inner divine.

If there is a direct line of communication between you and your spirit, it’s called intuition. Derived from the Latin word intueri, intuition is translated to mean “to contemplate” or “to look inside.”

The challenge with this direct line to spirit is that we don’t always listen and respond to it. In fact, many times we don’t pay attention at all!

Unlike the energy mediums we access through our five senses, intuition has no physical manifestation — it simply is. That means we must trust what we feel, what we sense and what we believe to be true because it resonates in our heart and spirit. One cannot look for real evidence of it.

Because the human brain is a rational functioning organ, it needs evidence to support its definition of reality. Since intuition can’t be rationalized, our minds attempt to block access to intuitive thoughts and feelings. That means we must learn to bypass the rational thinking mind in order to tap into intuition. Once we’ve made the connection, we must have absolute faith in it. Moreover, we must have the faith to act on the messages we receive from it.

Trust yourself.

How many times per day do you second guess yourself? Why do you think you do that? Could it be fear of making a wrong choice? What if there were no wrong choices, only different choices with different experiences. Would that make following your first, intuitive response any easier?

Commit to going with your gut, whether it be the clothes you select to wear in the morning or whether or not to make that phone call you’ve been putting off. Don’t think about it being right or wrong, only that spirit moves you toward it or away from it.

Put your intuition to the test.

Allow your intuition to provide a solution to a challenge you are facing. Perhaps you are considering a career change or are questioning the legitimacy of a relationship. Clarify the question in your mind and write it down on a piece of paper. Read the question several times before you go to bed and once you are laying down ask your inner guidance to provide an answer within twenty-four hours.

When you wake up the next morning, write down any thoughts, images or memories of dreams that come to you. Don’t think too hard about it; just capture your first thoughts on paper. Remind yourself that the answer to your question will be clear before the end of the day.

Throughout the day, be open to what may appear to be serendipitous moments — hearing from people you haven’t heard from in a long time or hearing from someone you were just thinking about; running across a book or quote that resonates with you or any other unexpected incident. Take a few minutes during your day to make note of these events.

At the end of the day, read your question again and then review all the notes you’ve made. Know that there will be a connection between your question and something you recorded. What does your instinct tell you? Trust in its validity and respond accordingly.

Intuit the needs of others.

Here is a great exercise to practice your intuitive guidance when you are around another person, whether a friend or a stranger. This works best when there are not other people around to disturb the energies. Breathe deeply and focus your mental energy on the other person. Open yourself up to intuit their unspoken wants and needs.

This is a beautiful act of service for those who don’t know how to ask for support. Even people you consider strong, independent and successful often need emotional support. You can provide this support by envisioning yourself surrounded in light and from within the light imagine a door opening. Coming through the door is the person you wish to support. What are they telling you that they need? It could be something as simple as an affirmation for the work they are doing or a decision they just made.

Don’t question the need communicated — only believe it to be your direct line to spirit telling you exactly what you asked to know. All you need to do is respond in good faith.

Intuition is a powerful connection to one’s inner divine. To access your intuition, simply turn inward, just as the root of the word suggests.

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