Stories-from-Spirit copyThis posting continues my sharing of monthly exercises to help you connect to your inner divine. 

One of the best-known methods for invigorating one’s spirit and soul is charity. Here’s the best part of all: it doesn’t matter if your charity is in the form of thought, word or deed. When giving selflessly to others you are nurturing your personal divinity.

A friend once told me that if she felt she hadn’t connected with one of her children during the day, she would stand by their bed offering them pure energetic love after they slept. Her charity of taking an extra few moments to connect energetically with her children resulted in the following mornings being easy and cheerful!

That practice of sending pure energetic love can take place any time or any place and can be sent to anyone in need. All you have to do is close your eyes, breathe deeply, turn inward and feel the warmth of your own love bubbling forth. Then, simply direct that love to a specific person. I’ve also done this with a nesting mourning dove so that she wouldn’t feel nervous as I sat near her to take photographs.


What words, spoken or sent, might have made a difference?

When I was nine years old, an elderly relative committing suicide on Christmas Day. Even though I didn’t know her very well, I wondered what small thing could have been said to make her believe that life was worth living and how much pain her immediate family must have felt because they didn’t think to tell her before it was too late.

When childhood memories stick, I believe they are telling us something important about who we are and what we are to become. This memory reinforces my belief that even the smallest gesture can make a world of difference in the life of another.

Teach your children the importance of charity.

During spring breaks, I’ve taken my three youngest sons to the local dog shelter to walk dogs. I must confess, I’ve brought at least one home with me, but the important message is in teaching our children the importance of sharing their time and what a positive difference it can make in the lives of others.

My youngest son has adopted an older, childless couple who lives down the street. At least once a week after he gets off the school bus, he’ll stop by and play cards with Ms. Annie Lou and chat with Mr. J.D. Of course, they spoil him rotten feeding him cookies and soda, but it all boils down to love and the charity of time from both sides. Ryan’s grandparents live out of state so he gets the benefit of our neighbor’s time just as they get the benefit of his. And that warms my heart!

Share what you love!

Whatever your talents, consider sharing them with others. What do you do well and enjoy? If you enjoy reading, consider volunteering for a reading program at the local elementary school. If you enjoy gardening, consider creating or maintaining a raised garden bed at a senior center. is a great website that makes it easier to match volunteer opportunities with people’s specific interests.

Have more money than time? Consider anonymously donating to local charities, PTAs or paying off someone’s store layaway. Do you like global causes? is one of the most reputable websites for empowering people around the world with micro loans as small as $25 US dollars.

Love others more…

It’s easy to connect to your inner divine simply by loving others more. It could be something as simple as a compliment to a service provider or maybe even your mean tempered boss or neighbor. The charity in giving compliments — especially when it’s to someone who is less than pleasant — is that you must put aside your own needs and feelings and find authentic words to positively impact the receiver. Notice how you feel before and after sharing the compliment, whether your compliment was well received or not.

Was it difficult to find words that you could share with meaning? If so, what does that tell you? Did the response of the recipient surprise you?

One of my favorite forms of giving is anonymous charity. You can become a mystery helper by seeing little things that need to be done and doing them discreetly. At the office, that might mean washing out someone’s coffee cup, refilling the copier or leaving healthy snacks for a known workaholic. In your community, that might mean blowing the leaves from a friend’s yard while they are away, pulling weeds from the school garden during weekends or carrying the newspaper to the front step of an elderly neighbor.

Was it fun plotting out little things you could do without notice? Were you around to see the reaction from the person for whom the little deed was done? How did this exercise make you feel? Did you enjoy the anonymity of it? Perhaps you can consider being a mystery helper at least once weekly — or, even once.

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