DancingI’ve loved dancing since I was a little girl. I remember when I was only five years old performing for my parents to Sugar, Sugar by The Archies. At that tender age, I already knew the swim, the pony, and how to shimmy like the go-go dancer I thought I was. 

Jump forward to 1975 and I was dancing the robot and what could only be described as an early version of popping and locking to Pick Up the Pieces by The Average White Band. My parents found me so amusing that they asked me to perform whenever family and friends stopped over.

Then there were ballet and jazz classes in high school, funded by my job in the shoe department of the local Walmart. So it’s no surprise that I ventured into ballroom — and that I’m still dancing!

Newly relocated to San Antonio, Texas from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I’ve been on the hunt for dancing venues. Sadly for me, ballroom isn’t as popular in this area as it was where I lived previously. Since my husband doesn’t dance and I don’t know any dancers in the area, I’ve been going solo to all of these places and hoping to find folks willing to dance with a new face.

Until I find an amateur or pro to dance with me regularly for fun, I’m working with several professionals to continue my training. For example, I’m training in International with Esteban Cardenas at Studio One. He’s a great teacher and coach, and I look forward to developing my technique, as my love for all things ballroom continues to deepen.


Dancing Argentine Tango with my friend Dutch Van Schouten who teaches out of Daytona Beach, Florida.


I train with Dutch a couple of times a year. You can too by connecting with him on Thumbtack!

I’m also taking Argentine Tango lessons with Angela Avila and Roy Montejano at Tango in San Antonio. I really enjoy this training duo because as I’m dancing with one, the other observes and critiques — the only way to improve is to be open to constructive criticism and do it over and over. Angela is so intense about technique that it’s not unusual for her to be all over the floor adjusting my feet while I’m going through the steps!

Finally, because I committed to a friend to learn West Coast Swing (WCS), I took private lessons with John Robert Mack over the summer. Now I attend group classes every Tuesday night with the Alamo West Coast Swing Club. The best part of this scene is that the group class is followed by a two-hour WCS dance where all the dancers happily switch partners.

Woo-hoo! No standing around hoping someone will ask me to dance.

Dance has always been a part of my heart and soul. I love the way it feels to move rhythmically to the beat of the music, no matter if it’s slow and graceful or sharp and snappy.

Oh, and did I mention that dancing is good exercise? And one final benefit of dancing… you can make so many friends! 

Dancing makes friends out of strangers! Here I’m dancing a swing with my new friend Charles Kaver, who was visiting San Antonio from Seattle.

What is one of your lifelong passions?

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