I feel change coming. Change in myself that has been long awaited — ever present under the veil of time. Change in the world that has been long destined and oft foretold. And, while it’s true that change is the only constant in our life, sometimes it can be so striking — so intense — that is shakes the very core of our belief system.

I have been in a state of mindful evolution since 2007, slowly and methodically preparing myself for a spiritual unveiling. But it has been long and slow in its unfolding. One night last week, as I went to bed, I asked Spirit to give me some indication that I was on the right track. During the night I dreamed of a man who told me, “It won’t be long now…”

On the one hand, the dream was reassuring — until I remembered that Spirit time is without definition, though many spiritualists believe it is much longer than what we know time to be. Reflective on the relevance of time, I decided that the process of developing awareness and mindfulness is perhaps the biggest change in and of itself. For it has set off a chain of events that have led to a life for which I am grateful everyday. It has created in me a change in how I live, how I respond to others, how I deal with my desires and disappointments and how my eyes and ears are always open to see and hear what I’ve not seen nor heard before.

Oh yes, I sense change coming. But, isn’t it always?

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