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After seven years of blogging, I’m still excited to recap the top 5 blogs of the year. Sometimes I peek at the stats throughout the year to see which posts are rising to the top. But the big reveal always comes in January when I have the opportunity to review a year’s worth of analytics.

In 2017, I posted 32 articles on covering topics from how to how to improve your writing to how to leave a job that you don’t like. But all of the articles in the top five spots focused on one thing: career success.

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#5: Consider Character, Mission to Create an Epoch Personal Brand

The second in a three-part series on creating an epoch personal brand, two factors contributed to my writing this piece. For starters, I offered to help a friend develop a training course on the subject. Then once I got into the research, I decided to apply what I was preaching to my brand. That’s when it got fun and I know you’ll like it, too.

#4: How to Detach During an Emotionally Charged Work Situation

Much of what I write stems from my most significant lessons learned in the working world, and this article is a good example. Going back to my corporate days, I was grateful for the competence and wisdom of a third party coach. Her insightful words on how to detach during an emotionally charged situation have helped me both professionally and personally. I share her wisdom any chance I get.

#3: Five Practices that Contribute to Career Success

Most everyone hopes for a successful career, but sometimes folks are so nose-to-the-ground that they forget some of the basics such as the value of meaningful conversations. Just as critical as incorporating these behaviors into daily practice, is the importance of remaining consistent in using them!

#2: Reciprocal Mentoring Benefits Both Mentor and Mentees

I was pleased to see this post on mutual/reverse mentoring so high on the list since I believe the multigenerational workforce is one of the biggest challenges facing employees today. And while I still hear millennials getting a bad rap from older workers, I’m a big believer that millennials have much to offer. Not convinced? Have a read.

#1: Add a Personal Tagline to Clarify Your Value Add

The last in a three-part series on building an epoch brand, I agree this was a stellar article. The result? Not only did I write an article that resonated with a lot of people, but I also developed a new and improved tagline for myself that is working like a charm. You can check it out on my LinkedIn profile! If you’re looking for a brand boost, this post is for you.

Sheila Callaham is a best-selling author, speaker, and motivational coach. Connect with her on your favorite social media venue including Twitter and Facebook.

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