Olympic_pictogram_Athletics_coloredIf you are like me and find yourself unable to step away from the television during the Sochi Winter Olympics, do you ever find yourself wondering what kind of Olympian you might have been? Healthy competition inspires the best of me and even though at age fifty I might be past my physical prime, I’ve still got a lot of Olympian left in me. Come to think of it, I bet you do too!

I accept that I will never be an ice dancer or downhill racer. Nor will I bring home Olympic gold as a swimmer, gymnast, or sprinter. Yet, there are events in my life for which I can vie for a medal. Challenges that, if I perform at my ultimate best, will be handsomely rewarded with more than just a medal.

What gold am I chasing?

Wife/Mother Award: Yes, I want gold in the one place that matters more to me than anything else–home! I want to win gold for being the number one wife to my hubby and mom to my kids. And, just like an Olympic competitor, I train every single day to be the best that I can be.


Writer Award: Like Olympic athletes who think big, thinking big for me is about being the best writer I can be–a writer that other people want to read. If I want to be a great writer, all I have to do is keep writing. Every. Single. Day. In the process I’ll train my brain to form words and shape stories much the way athletes train their bodies to perform with technical perfection.

The bottom line is that, while 99.99 percent of us will never be an Olympic athlete representing our country, we can all be Olympians in the areas of our life that matter most. The characteristics that make for an Olympic champion are the same ones we can embrace in pursuit of our personal greatness, whether at home or in our career.

If you’re with me on this, here is a five-step strategy to give your life added Olympic zeal:

  • Know what you want and stay laser focused on the end goal
  • Be relentless and leverage challenges as learning opportunities rather than obstacles
  • Be open to feedback even when it’s not what you want to hear
  • Satisfy yourself with incremental improvements until, step-by-step, you achieve success
  • Train, tweak, train, tweak, train, tweak

The competitive spirit and characteristics of Olympians is contagious. Their enthusiasm, commitment, courage, and focus make each of them a role model for the rest of us to follow.

What aspect of your life can you turn into an Olympic-like training ground? What will it take for you to bring home the gold?

Come on now, let’s start training!

Psst: If I were an Olympian, I would be a summer games girl. Taekwondo? Yes! I’ll take bronze. Archery? Yes, yes! Robina Hood, that’s me. Silver for sure. Running? Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll take the 100 meters. In and out in no time. Pure gold!

Fantasize about all the winter and summer Olympic events at www.olympic.org/sports.

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