Shamanic Journey Template

Note: Journeys can be like dreams that quickly disappear. Write quickly and without concern for grammar, punctuation and spelling. You may want to use a pencil so you can erase if needed. No matter how strange your experience may seem, be honest with yourself and record your truth. That is the only way you can come to know who you really are at a deep, spiritual level.

Destination (upper/lower world)
What was the purpose/intention of your journey?
How did you travel there?
What form did you take?
What/who did you notice along the way?
What did you see when you arrived?
Did you meet your power animal? If so, who was it? Did it have messages for you? What did you do together?
Did you meet your spirit teacher? If so, who was it? What does your teacher look like?
What was your interaction like?
Was there a learning for you to bring back? If so, write it out as fully as you can.
Any other observations?
What was your most memorable moment from this journey and why?


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