Power Animals Reference Guide

Because animal symbology is so important in spirit journeys, this chart is a quick way to become familiar with what your power animal may represent. This list is includes some of the animals I most often encounter in my own journeys. I encourage you to do you own research and allow your spirit to guide you when interpreting the message your spirit animal may represent for you.

Power Animal Attributed Meanings 
Bat transition, initiation
Bear change, communication with spirit
Chicken power of voice, understanding language, pecking out answers that escape others
Deer gentleness, keen observation, sensitivity, in tune with nature
Dog heals wounds, companionship, loyalty, love
Donkey Perseverance, servitude, strong dedication to spirit
Dove security, maternal instincts, spirit messenger
Dragonfly skillful in avoidance, refinement, tenacious, relentless
Duck denotes spiritual vulnerability, inner strength perhaps not quite strong enough to handle situations yet
Eagle seeing big picture, power, balance, intuition
Elk stamina, efficient, endurance for chosen path
Fish denotes spiritual aspects in one’s life, spiritual achievements
Fox cunning, swiftness
Giraffe grounded, bridge between realms, farsightedness, communication through body language, family ties
Hawk/Falcon awareness, teller of truths, to see beyond the masks, messenger, able to move between the seen and unseen world, prophetic insight
Horse freedom of safe movement, ability to overcome adversity
Leopard wisdom, movement between worlds
Lion fearlessness, balanced leadership, gentle, patient
Monkey playful, energetic, balance, control, communication
Mouse discovery
Parakeet lack of analytical spiritual thinking, caged, seeking freedom
Pig/Boar rooting out truth, past life knowing, intelligence
Rabbit living by one’s wits, quick thinking, moving through fear, new beginnings
Squirrel energetic, focused, agile, sociable, trusting
Tiger focus on the present to achieve success, silent, sluthing
Turtle earth, patience, boundaries, protection, self-reliance
Wolves change, guidance in meditation, protection of self and family

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