book trailers

Who wouldn’t be inspired to write about him?!

Question: So where is my book trailer?

Answer: It’s still in my head!

Okay, maybe not so funny, but here’s what I’m learning as an independent author. I’ve got to think of a thousand and one ways to promote my book to fully leverage the social media gig. These days, book trailers are being used to promote books just like movies!

Actually, I think this project is going to be lots of fun. Nathaniel and I are already talking about the concept and in addition to me sharing more detail about what the book is about, we’ll have some interesting behind the scenes clips. For example, we’ll go back to the shooting range and meet my instructor and see his fine collection of guns. I’ll tell you which gun I enjoy shooting most. Hint: It’s one of the two guns the murderer used in my book. You’ll also meet my good friend Annette and her soon-to-be-famous cocker spaniel, Calvin, who was the inspiration for the dog in my book.

Let’s just say I’m learning as I go along. But, doesn’t that describe life as most of us live it?




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