One of the most exciting aspects of being a success coach is that I get to interview extraordinary people and then share the highlights of those conversations through my blog and podcasts. With each interview, I’m simply blown away by the sincerity, dedication and deeply revelatory nature that ‘service to others’ innately requires.


Leah Carey, The Miracle Journal

This couldn’t be truer than in my latest podcast with miracle coach Leah Carey, creator of The Miracle Journal, a blog dedicated to recording and sharing daily miracles. Before I ever talked to Leah, I had devoured her blog and was especially taken by her willingness to “put it all there.” Her posts were funny, inspiring, vulnerable and very real. I simply had to talk to her — more than once!

I’m so pleased to offer you the first in a series of 15-minute podcasts on the subject of miracles — what they are, how they happen and why they are so important to acknowledge. In this podcast, Leah shares her amazing story about creating The Miracle Journal and how an “oops” evolved into a joyful sharing of one miracle after another.

You’ll hear how Leah defines miracles and why, even when you’re looking for miracles, some days are still difficult. Leah shares how chronicling her own miracle and those of others help her monitor her own shifts in consciousness, learning and growing.

My conversation with Leah is fun, provocative and inspirational. I invite you to our conversation and encourage you to share it with others. Moreover, Leah and I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Listen to the podcast! (Run time: 14 minutes, 58 seconds)

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