We all know that watching commercials is an important part of Super Bowl entertainment. It does make me wonder, however, why advertising companies don’t work this hard to entertain us every day of the year. Rhetorical question aside, my take on 2014 Super Bowl is that puppies rule—and I’m not talking Budweiser.

Yes, Budweiser’s Puppy Love commercial was adorably heartwarming. Like millions of others, I saw it before the Super Bowl reveal because it went viral after it was pre-released a week early. Good social media strategy, Bud mates.

Still, as great as it was seeing the “happily ever after” for puppy and his Clydesdale friend, there was another puppy commercial I liked even more: Audi’s Doberhuahua.

Why Doberhuahua over Puppy Love? Let me count the ways…

  1. It made me laugh. Bunches of times. Hard.
  2. It promotes animal rescue for mutts instead of purebreds and that gets tons of bonus points in my book.
  3. The tagline works well for the automotive industry: “Compromise scares us too.”

What’s not to love about a commercial that creates laughter, promotes a great cause, and adds to the positive reputation of the brand?

To round out my top five, here are three other commercials receiving my wave of approval:

Kia’s The Truth: This commercial made me want to seriously check out the Kia 900 and challenge the luxury. Okay, I haven’t done it yet, but I’m really thinking about it.

Volkswagen’s Engineers Get their Wings: Another humorous commercial that suggests a Volkswagen engineer earns wings whenever one of their autos pass 100,000 miles. With feathers flying everywhere the hook, line, and sinker for me was the smart-a** response from the teen suggesting that at 200,000 miles, rainbows shoot out of an engineers’ butt. So real life.

Finally, I appreciated Microsoft’s Empowering: A technology buff, it was gratifying to see how technology has so powerfully enhanced human life. Way to go, Microsoft.

With this year’s game over, rest assured that ad companies everywhere are already thinking about next year’s Super Bowl and new ways to leverage puppy love to bolster brand identity.

We’re a predictable crowd—all 117.7 million of us.

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