Green Tomato Pickles

For some reason, August always brings certain memories. I’m sharing my top 10 and invite you to share too!

10) Long, lazy dog-days of summer
9) Crepe Myrtles, still blooming profusely
8 ) Back to school shopping
7) Reading as many books as I can
6) Visiting grandparents
5) Running through corn higher than my head
4) Fishing
3) Swinging in the porch swing
2) Flea markets and yard sales
1) Making green tomato pickles

While I’m sure my Grandma Gladys would have made green tomato pickles way before August, you have to remember — it’s ME we’re talking about! That means I’m waiting until the last possible minute to get those pickles made before cooler weather sets in.

What do I do with green tomato pickles? Oh, my! I can’t eat pinto beans without them, nor deviled eggs, tuna salad and potato salad. In fact, I have to hide the pickles in various places in the refrigerator because my son Alex will eat them right out of the jar!

Because this memory is so special, I share with you, dear readers, my grandma’s special recipe. Just remember, she never measured ANYTHING, so I’ve done my best to recreate her recipe with measurements!


Green tomatoes
Onion (optional)

Drop green tomatoes into boiling water to loosen skins. Allow to cool before peeling, cubing and placing into a five liter container. When container is half full, add three cups vinegar, two cups sugar and stir. Continue cubing tomatoes until you have five liters. Cube one or more onions, if desired. Add pepper to taste. Still well.

Move tomatoes to stove top and add two cups of water and one and one-third cup sugar. Bring to boil, then reduce heat for ten minutes.

While tomatoes are cooking, prepare canning jars, lids and rings. After ten minutes, taste pickles. Add sugar and/or other seasonings, if desired, then fill jars and seal. Ensure popping sound of lid to confirm your green tomato pickles are ready to be stored in the pantry until the next crock pot of pintos!

Speaking of pintos… if you eat meatless or wish to cut back on the amount of meat you eat, you will love making pintos by simply add olive oil in lieu of ham hock. Try it, you’ll love it!

Oh, one last thing… anyone know where I can get five liters of green tomatoes?

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