Yo! I’m happy!

The more mindful you are of your thinking and feeling (aka attitude), the more positive the impact you manifest for yourself and the people around you. Based on my personal experience and that of my clients, even attempting to work on your thoughts and feelings can make a huge difference in your life.

This is all about inner work and one of the first things you need to master is control of that voice in your head. Also known as monkey mind, this inner voice is in constant chat mode, often replaying what you’ve heard — negativity, self-deprecation, defensiveness and the inability to see the gifts through the fog of daily living.

Don’t be an idiot, tell her what you really think!
I should have gotten that job, I’m so much more experienced than him.
Why does everything always go wrong? I hate my life!

Don’t believe me? Pay attention to the words you hear being spoken around you during the course of the day. Listen to what say to yourself and what others around you are saying. Then, simply put the words in the context of:

Do these words feel good/positive?
Do these words feel bad/negative?

When you ask someone how they are doing, do you get an astounding, “Wonderful! How are you?” or do you get a feeble, “Okay, I guess. Just another day — SOS.”

Every day is a gift. It’s another chance to see through the veil obstructing the beauty! But, if those around us are so negative, how can we remain positive? Through a practice I call grateful intentions. The more you practice grateful intentions, the easy it will become and the greater impact you will see for yourself and those around you.

Grateful Intentions — Gratitudes, Projection, Acceptance

  1. Begin every day with mindfulness about what is good in your life. List at least ten things before getting out of bed and starting your day.
  2. Project all the good you anticipate in the day vs. all the bad. Decide for yourself what you want and then imagine how wonderful it will feel to have it unfold just as you imagined.
  3. Accept yourself and others where you/they are. You’ll find yourself slipping back into negativity, but the fact that you catch yourself is a good sign. Just reset with gentle words of gratitude and begin again. When people around you are negative, accept them where they are but don’t let them define where YOU are! Share the good things in your own life, even little things. Your projection will be a positive impact for them. As motivational keynote speakers, Dennis and Wendy Mannering wrote, “Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?”

You really do hold the key to your happiness. It’s just a matter of believing that you determine how you think and feel! Use the mindful practice of grateful intentions to establish a pattern of gratitudes, projection, and acceptance and see what a difference attitude can make in your life.

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