This is one talented family!

Several years before I published my first book, I made my debut as a musician in a band. Specifically, a family band along the lines of the Partridge family. We were good. Actually, we were great!

Our nine member band consisted of a variety of musical talent: me on piano, hubby Tom on electric guitar, Grandpa John on cowbell — YES, COWBELL — and six of our seven kids on guitar, keyboard, maracas, trumpet, clarinet and harmonica.

We released our first (and last) single in December, 2007 with expectations of a hit. After uploading it to YouTube, we watched anxiously for it to go viral. In the last five years, it’s had 163 views and 1 like. And, while I confess to watching it myself about 100 times, I promise I’m not the one who liked it — at least I don’t think that was me.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m also a writer. If I were still waiting to become a famous musician I’d be terribly disappointed…

I’m proud of our family band and the effort we all made to record our holiday release of “Silent Night.” Just for the heck of it, I thought I would share this piece of family history for all to see. Ahh, what musicality! What classic form! What enthusiasm! What a great video for a laugh!

I still can’t believe we didn’t get picked up by a major label…


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