New YearWhether you set resolutions in the new year or not, it’s undeniable that another year is ending a new one beginning. The question is, what do you want to experience in 2017? What dream have you been harboring that you would like to see made manifest?

The secret to creating your future reality begins by answering three questions.

  1. What do you want
  2. Why you want it
  3. How you want to feel when you get there

What you want your life to be three, five, ten years down the road? Where are you? How are you spending your time? Who do you interact with on a daily basis? How are you showing up in the world? Be daring enough to visualize the future that you want to live.

There is so much power in actively visualizing your future. For one thing, it gives you coordinates so you have direction in life. When you don’t know what you want, then you’re going to get whatever shows up for you. It’s like hopping on the first bus that shows up. Who knows where you’ll end up, but there you’ll be!

Visualizing your future is a great way to connect to your highest potential.

Olympic athletes around the world use creative visualization for enhancing performance and creating the desired outcome. Future visioning is like creating a knowing. When you allow yourself to envision a potential future in your mind’s eye, it’s as if you’ve already been there. You’ve already moved past the state of hope and onto the path of creating the vision into your reality.

Once you know what, then you need to do the litmus test by asking the next question, “Why do you want it?” Asking the why question determines the emotional attachment to the desire. This vision and longing must come from your heart, from your spirit, from your soul. If you are pursuing something that someone else thinks is right for you, the journey will not feel complete even if you achieve the outcome.

Once your future vision passes the litmus test and you’ve confirmed this is YOUR dream and no one else’s, then you are ready for the last question. How will it feel when you are living your dream? When that vision becomes your future reality?

Thoughts and feelings are powerful partners when they are in alignment, which is why it is so powerful to lock in your intention with feeling for 2017!

If you are reading this post, please know that I appreciate you. I’ve been blogging for almost six years, and it’s been an amazing sharing experience. So if you enjoy being here, then I invite you to continue with me in the new year — who knows what it will bring!

New Year

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