Success Coaching

Understanding Success

Success means different things to different people. It may mean finding a life-mate or enhancing a relationship with a significant other. Success might be eating healthier foods or beginning an exercise program. Success could mean leaving behind what you know to create the life truly desire. No matter how you define success, it almost always requires change. Success coaching gives you the tools and the confidence you need to figure out what needs to change to create the life you want to live.

What is success coaching?

Let me start by telling you what it is not. Success coaching is not advice-giving, psychotherapy or counseling. Rather, it’s a process of guiding you on a path of discovery to discover what you really want and what steps you can take to create the life you desire. I’ve successfully coached clients on a broad range of topics to include relationships, career challenges, business coaching, and book writing.

How does success coaching work?

There are lots of different styles of coaching available so it is important to learn more about a coach before making a commitment. My coaching style is built upon the ability to ask powerful questions that facilitate reflection and the desire to pursue your goals. I will ask you deep, probing questions that will help you think about what you really want, why you want it and how you want to feel when you have achieved it. Peeling back the layers help create laser focus on the intended outcome while addressing obstacles that get in your way. When you have the right coach, you will feel confidently inspired to move toward your goal.

What to expect from a coaching session?

The first thing I need to know is what you wish to create in your life. That gives me the direction I need to develop a set of powerful questions that will get us started. I have worked with clients to address goal setting, relationships, employment, transition, self-love and fear. As we work through the questions, I will help you discover where your own belief system is holding you back. I will facilitate through through processes to help you confront your most challenging issues. It generally only takes a few sessions to get you on track to your desired outcome with follow up sessions as needed.

How you can work with Sheila!

In order to provide one-on-one clients with the highest quality of coaching while also keeping up with my family and publishing goals, I only accept a limited number of one-on-one clients. If you are interested in working together, you must complete and submit the prospective client form below. I will review your responses and respond to you within a week. If I think we are a good fit, I will set up a free 30-minute consultation at a mutually convenient time. During our consultation, I will ask you lots of questions to help me gauge where you are, what is holding you back from your goals and to determine next best steps for your consideration. This is not a sales call, it is a genuine coaching session — my gift to you! After our session, I will follow up via email during the following week and ask for your decision on next steps. Because I have a limited number of client slots, I cannot hold spaces indefinitely. As a result, I ask for clients receiving a free coaching session to make a decision within 10 calendar days as to whether or not they wish to continue.

Fees and payment

The first consultation (up to 30 minutes) is free. Regular sessions are 45 – 60 minutes at $125 each. A package of 4 sessions can be purchased for $400. Payments accepted via Paypal. If you are a public school teacher in grades 1 – 12, a veteran or service member of the U.S. Military, and/or a student between the ages of 18 – 26, please contact me for free coaching opportunities! I love to give back to those who give so much and to those who strive to make the most of their education.

Have questions?

Have questions? Submit them in the comment box below and I’ll happily respond or email me with Success Coaching Question in the subject line.