Universities Teach Mindfulness with Free Offerings

G055-TNH-Mindfulness-is-a-source-of-happiness-09_largeThis post concludes my promise to share monthly exercises throughout the year helping you connect to your inner divine.

What do UCLA, Stanford, Oxford, Duke, Penn State and University of Massachusetts have in common? These are just a handful of prestigious universities offering programs on mindfulness, a self-controlled state of mind known to reduce stress and enhance happiness.

While many relate mindfulness to the Buddhist tradition of having awareness without judgement, mindfulness was first translated into English in 1530 from the French word pensee, meaning thought. So, why are so many universities now making mindfulness a part of their programming? Berkeley newsletter Greater Good suggests that the secular use of mindfulness has increased tremendously during the last decade because study after study demonstrates the positive effects it has on its subject, regardless of age. Benefits reported include decreased depression and stress and enhanced attention, self-control, social participation, and respect for others. Not only were these benefits noted during studies, but they were still noted several months post study as well.

Anyone can reap the benefit of mindfulness practice through a number of free courses offered by several reputable universities and organizations. Want to learn how to be happier, less stressed and more focused? Check out any of these free resources and don’t forget to say, “om!”

UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (8 free guided meditations)

University of VA School of Medicine: Mindfulness Center (5 free meditations, including Forgiveness)

University of Massachusetts Medical School: Center for Mindfulness (19 free audios on better sleep, mindfulness, relaxation and stress relief)

Mindful Self Compassion (18 free guided meditations)

Whether you are a mindfulness master or a novice, you will enjoy these free resources. When you choose to live mindfully, not a moment is wasted because you know how to make every moment count!

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Sheila Callaham is an author, speaker and coach living in Chapel Hill, NC. This is her last post for this year but Sheila will be back the first Thursday in January with the top posts for 2013 and another great year of weekly reading. Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Universities Teach Mindfulness with Free Offerings

  1. Diane

    Not too long ago I reconnected with an old friend, who is now a professor at a University. Having not kept up with how Universities had changed (since way back when I went – smile), I was impressed to hear that she was teaching a class on mindfulness (and even happier that she wanted to use my blog as a resource – smile). Now to hear that whole programs are being offered at some big name Universities is even more heartening. Thanks for the post Sheila (and Happy Holidays to you too)

    1. Sheila Callaham Post author

      Very cool, Diane and so wonderful that she used your website as a resource. Your website is a great resource on mindfulness — I especially appreciate your latest posting on depression during the holidays. One of my distant relatives actually committed suicide on Christmas, so this is very real and we do need to get better at recognizing and knowing how to approach people who suffer so. Thanks for all that you do!

      PS: Must tell you again how much I love your artwork!


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